Photograph of two barn find bicycles in a barn.
Real barn finds....

These barn finds were completely random.

Am I the only one who does this sort of thing? I’m at a local farm at the weekend pursuing another of my hobbies when I spot some old bikes at the back of one of the numerous sheds there. Real barn finds! Obviously, I ask the farmer if he cycles! His reply wasn’t really publishable but, I took it as a “NO”. Said farmer then admitted that the bikes had been there for some considerable time and couldn’t actually recall where they had come from!

Photograph of barn find Peugeot bike.
Old Peugeot road bike.
Photograph of frame of Peugeot barn find bike.
At least it has some storage!

The bikes could be considered “junk” or maybe they are hidden gems awaiting some TLC before going back into action? Probably a case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. The farmer told me he had no use for them and I could take them away. Well, what was I supposed to do? Quite clearly, there was only one thing to do – take them away!

My finds get a new home – temporarily.

On getting the bikes home, I discovered that the Triumph had already been somewhat re-cycled (pardon the pun!). It had a cycle bag attached to the rear carrying frame. Inside the bag was a bird’s nest! (not currently occupied, I hasten to add).

As to what I actually do with them now, well that is a whole new topic for discussion!

Suggestions, please!

I know that barn finds are popular so, sensible and polite suggestions would be most welcome. My current thinking is to, firstly, have a go at cleaning them both up. Then maybe re-furbish the Peugeot (or find someone who fancies it as a project). The Triumph is probably beyond bringing back from the dead. However, the Pink Goddess thinks we should get it re-painted, hang a new basket on the front and turn it into a grandiose flower pot! Anyone offering to take the Peugeot on as a restoration project and blog the progress for us can have it free. Now, there’s an offer someone must want to take up? Email us:

Photograph of Triumph barn find bike.
It’s a Triumph but, only in name.
Close-up photograph of barn find Triumph bike.
Shot blast and powder coat?


  1. Hmm, Peugeot would probably polish up and be back on the road with new cables, tyres and chain. Nice retro pub cruiser perhaps?

    The Triumph looks like the real challenge but it looks complete and has rod brakes. Know a friendly powder coater?

    • Hi Mal. Good to hear from you. Yes, Peugeot will be cleaned up but, not sure if I will take on the restoration myself. If anyone is interested, get in touch!

    • Yep, think you’re right Steve. Still not sure if I have the time/am brave enough to take this on as a project!! Might be a garage find in 25 years time. Ha, ha.


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