Lightweight security.
Planet X Ristretto Cafe Lock

“Planet X Jobsworth Ristretto Retractable Cafe Lock” sounds like a rather unwieldy, heavyweight title. You will be glad to hear, however, that this product is anything but those things. In our experience, Planet X are extremely good at offering value for money. Not only that, their products are generally of decent quality. So, what of this little gem?

It’s a steal…

Well, hopefully not! We have been looking for an inexpensive lock to use on club rides. You know, the sort of thing that is easy to stick on, easy to take off and provides a bit of a deterrent to would-be thieves. Now, our club rides do not take us through down-town Chicago – serene Devon countryside is more the norm! Hence not going looking for some monster “D” lock made of titanium and resistant to thermal lances.

By coincidence, we were also looking to buy a new helmet (more of that later) and decided on a Planet X model. Browsing the Planet X site brought us to the “Jobsworth Ristretto Cafe Lock“. At £4.99, it had to be worth a punt! We ended up buying one each.

Planet X have three similar locks currently on offer ranging from the Ristretto at £4.99 to the “Jobsworth Retractable” at £9.99 (prices correct at time of writing and plus postage where applicable).

Cafe lock?

No, you won’t be able to protect your premises with it if you run a coffee shop, silly! However, you may very well deter an opportunist thief whilst you pop into a coffee shop for a flat white. The lock is small, extremely light and easy to use. Easily carried in your cycling top you will barely know that you have it with you.

Featuring a standard combination lock with a spring-loaded, braided, 1 metre cable, operation is very quick and simple.  Meaning, of course, you get more time more time to focus on coffee and cake. Always crucial on our rides.

Cafe lock weighs in at just 90 grams and measures just 10.5cm long x 7cm wide x 2cm deep (approx) meaning it will easily slip into a cycle-top pocket.

1 meter reach.
Retractable cable.

How secure is it?

It is fairly obvious that this lock is quite easy to get around if you are a bike thief. The cable is not very thick, hence it would be easily cut. Its plastic casing isn’t going to stand up to any determined thief either. At the price, though, none of this is surprising. Tested it to destruction, we have not – as it seems completely pointless. this is clearly not a lock to use if you are away from your bike for any length of time.

Should you still need a clue as to the ideal use for the Ristretto Cafe Lock, the clue is definitely in the name! Yes, use it whilst having a Cappuccino, yes, secure your bike to others temporarily but, don’t rely on it to prevent theft by determined people.

In summary.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the Ristretto Cafe Lock. It is lightweight, small and wonderfully portable making it the ideal companion for club rides, etc. On the flip side, it is also lightweight in terms of the security it will provide.

All things considered, we like the Ristretto Cafe Lock. A useful little companion for everyday rides and not a bad stocking filler idea for those with cycling loved ones.




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