Cut through graphic of continental grand prix 4000s II bike tyre.

Tyre choices

Now for some time I have stuck to what I know – Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres. I have purchased 2 sets in the past 12 months, have had 2 blow outs and several punctures. The performance of this tyre is fantastic, great rolling speed and lightweight. The reviews all say similar things – “save them for race day”. I can agree with this wholeheartedly. What I won’t do on here is slate them, because if I had heeded this advice, I wouldn’t have had any issues with them.

My problem is that I don’t have spare sets of wheels and therefore I used them for everything from my commute, through training rides and competition. Having had yet another puncture I started looking around for another option.

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II

Now my brother suggested the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II. He has used these for some time and cannot rate them highly enough.


I therefore took the plunge, but was concerned re the price (in the region of £60 per tyre). They were more than I wanted to spend, but then I visited Wiggle! Currently on offer 49% off, I managed to pick up 2 tyres for just over £60 and chucked a couple of inner tubes into the basket to put it over £74 to receive another £8+ off the total price.

Having fitted the tyres and done several rides now, I can say that they are fast and durable with some good grip which doesn’t really impact on performance.

For the price (in the sale) – great value for money.


Good grip in wet and dry


Puncture resistant

Good value



Not the fastest on the market


Wiggle Online Cycle Shop


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