Having previously purchased the Cube Peloton Pro, I knew the Cube was a good fit bike for me. I found the riding position for my slightly larger build to be comfortable and comparatively stress free. However it was time to upgrade and wanted a full carbon bike with an upgraded groupset.

I ventured into Bike Shed in Exeter and was greeted with a smile and I spoke to the salesman. I told him my wish list at the time, to include my proposed usage – a bit of commuting, sportive rides and a few triathlons to add to the mix.

My technical knowledge was limited and the chap spent some considerable time explaining the technicalities of numerous bikes (using simple terms!)

Testing the bikes.

It was then time to ride a few bikes. Now my budget wasn’t massive, so off I went around the streets of Exeter trying out 4 or 5 different makes and models.

I wasn’t taken by any in particular, but this gave me some food for thought. I then told him the bike I owned, at which point he showed me the Cube Agree GTC DI2 – a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth a pedal. Off I went, and 10 minutes later I was at the till paying for it!!

Immediately the bike suited my style of riding and seating position. It was relaxed, light, the DI2 gave the smoothest shifting I had ever experienced and felt super fast compared to my Pelaton.

Some reviews say the frame is springy which dilutes power delivery. They also say the wheels are “weighty” and slow acceleration. But I guess it just depends on what you are comparing it to and what your expectations are.

Weight matters.

For me, it is significantly lighter than my previous bike and I guess what I was paying for was the groupset. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate its not the best bike out there and when you look at the positives i.e. frame, groupset etc, there is going to have to be some compromise. I guess this is why the wheels aren’t the best. However, if like me, your budget was restricted, you could, at some stage, upgrade your wheels and keep these wheels as a winter set.

I have since used the bike for several triathlons, have commuted (in dry weather!) and done many a long ride with friends. I’ve hit a fair few potholes (rural Devon for you) and the rims have taken in in their stride!


Available Sizes 50 53 56 58 60 62 64
Bottom Bracket Innenlager PressFit SM-BB71-41
Brakes Ultegra BR-6700-G
Cranks Ultegra FC-6750 Hollowtech II 50x34T
Fork Cube CSL Race Carbon, 1 1/8in to 1 1/2in
Frame Material GTC Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology
Front Derailleur Ultegra DI-2 FD-6770, 2×10 speed, braze + Clamp 34.9mm
Grips/Tape Grip Control
Handlebar Racelite 2014 Oversized 31.8mm
Headset Type Orbit I-t integrated
Rear Derailleur Ultegra DI-2 RD-6770, 2×10 speed
Saddle X1 Road
Seatpost Prolight 27.2*350mm
Shifters Ultegra DI-2 ST-6770, 2×10 speed
Stem F149 Oversized, Lenkerklemmung 31.8mm, 6°
Weight (kg) 8.49
Weight (lb) 18.72

The Verdict.

All in all, having bought this in the sale (£1700), I can’t knock the value for money. It is sleek, looks great, and the ride is smooth. The groupset can’t be faulted, the gear changes are smooth and without cables meaning you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear issues that come with cables.



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