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Where did the Ironman insanity begin???

March 28th 2015 – I turned 40, I needed a mid life crisis and found Ironman!!

My journey began some time prior to this, however I wasn’t aware until this date. The true start was some time in 2014 when I began following my younger brother and his girlfriend on their own journeys in the triathlon world.

I recall watching one of the shorter distance triathlons and thinking to myself “I love swimming, I cycle to the pub and I run home when late leaving the pub” What can therefore be so difficult about this sport!!

First Event

My first event was May 2014, when I entered a local sprint triathlon at Roadford Lake, Devon. I did some preparation and thought I was ready. How wrong I was!! I entered the lake – IT WAS FREEZING COLD, the start gun went off and I began my swim. Within 50 metres into the 400m swim, the cold got to my chest, I struggled to breathe and the panic set in “IM GOING TO DROWN”. I switched to breaststroke, calmed down, told the man in the safety canoe I’d “BE OKAY IN A MINUTE” and plodded on. I calmed, got into a rhythm and managed the open water swim.

I exited the water with some relief, pedaled the course in a not too shabby time and returned to transition to start my run. Feeling pleased with my progress I donned the trainers and began to run.

There was a problem……….”THE LEGS I WAS USING WEREN’T MINE!!” It felt like someone had swapped my legs for their own, I tried to run, but they simply didn’t work in the way my mind was telling them to. I now realize what my brother was talking about.

I went into a slow waddle/walk and after 500m or so, my own legs came back and I began my run of the remaining 4.5km.

Some time later, I crossed the finish line, collected my first t-shirt and finishers medal. Pleased to have finished, but recognizing there was work to be done, I was hooked.


To be continued………….



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