Photograph of triathlonswimmers competeing in a lake.
Lake swim

My second event.

With triathlon number 1 complete, it was time to look forward to my second event. Clearly there was a lot of work to be done. Not to compete for any top spot, but just to finish with a sense of progress and achievement.

My goals were now……..

  1.  Swim in open water without panicking
  2.  Pace my bike to enable me to be able to actually run the final discipline
  3.  Beat my previous time

I then entered my second Tri, going for the Olympic distance and set for 3 months time. It would then be July and the water would be warmer. I would know what to expect, would have time to train, and build my confidence. Obviously I could also spend far too much money on new kit!


The next 3 months involved trips to Sidmouth Seafront for some open water training. A few visits were paid to the Cotswold Water Park Lakes and I made as many trips out on the bike as I could. Still struggling to motivate myself to run, I also entered several trail running 10k races locally to assist me in donning the trainers as much as possible.

The time passed very quickly and before I knew it, I was back at Roadford Lake dipping my toes in the water to check the temperature. Much to my relief it was noticeably warmer and my confidence was high.

Ready, steady….

The gun went off, and away we went. Myself, my brother and good friend all in the lineup. Much to my surprise, the swim went 100 times better than I could ever have imagined and was out of the water a few minutes ahead of my friend (my brother however, was probably miles ahead at this point).

Onto the bike and it was a comfortable ride around the roads and hills of the course. It was feeling good and I pushed myself all the way to the dismount line. Only then did I remember that I had food and drink to eat on the bike to ensure my run would be a success. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN!

Off the bike, on with the trainers and on to the run. Throwing an energy gel down my throat, off I went. It wasn’t long before I was caught up by my good friend who smacked my backside as he passed me. Asking me if I was okay, I told him exactly how I felt! My legs were once again in tatters, 5km still to go. Like a true friend he stuck with me for a few minutes, helping me through the cramping hamstring stage. Before I knew it I was crossing the line to finish my second triathlon.

Relief and planning ahead.

Despite the pain, I was thrilled. A much better performance. Progress was being made and there was still with lots to learn, but I enjoyed it and the family enjoyed watching. Time for a few photos with the kids and the medal and then to the campsite for a beer and BBQ!!!

Already thinking about triathlon number 3 and more importantly thinking about those longer distances.

The coming months saw me enter several triathlons which included, South Hams Triathlon (a much recommended event, with a lovely hill to start your bike!! Which of course means the same hill to finish in reverse!), Exe Valley Triathlon (pool swim), Tri-Ferris Cotswold Sprint triathlon, to name but a few.

Planning ahead for further progress.

Having completed my first year in the sport, it was time to think about a new bike, proper tri suit and a longer race. My goal for 2015 – 113 events middle distance triathlon in the Cotswolds (1/2 Ironman distance). Could it be that hard?!


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